Friday, November 9, 2012

prayers for bacon

okay guys, i know i have been asking for a lot of prayers and good wishes lately, but i need them again!
as many of you know, last month I had to put my dear dog Isabelle to sleep after she got really sick.  it literally broke my heart and a day doesn't go by when I don't think of her.

we have been debating for the past two years about whether or not to get a second dog, because we love them, but decided to wait because Isabelle was old and we didn't want to put the stress of a new dog on her.

we talked to a lot of people after Isabelle died about how long to wait before getting a new dog and ultimately decided to try to adopt sooner rather then later.  we missed having a dog in the house and while no dog will EVER replace Isabelle, we wanted to ease our heartache by adopting a dog that needed a home.

right before Isabelle died, we had seen a dog named Bacon that lived about an hour away and was put up for adoption.  Bacon was "adopted" about a week before Isabelle died, so we thought nothing of it.  Bacon was "unadopted" about two days after Isabelle died.... this is a coincidence because 

1) he was "unadopted" when we were sad and wan't another dog
2) Isabelle's favorite food in the entire world was bacon
3) he is the same breed as Isabelle, which is a very hard breed to find up for adoption

So we applied to adopt Bacon.  We went through the interviews and at home "walk through" and were approved!  It was extremely exciting and we were supposed to bring Bacon home last weekend....

however, Bacon had 11 seizures last week and had to go to a neurological vet yesterday to see what was wrong.  Isabelle had seizures when she was a puppy too, so they are trying to see if it is just epilepsy, which can be controlled with proper medication, or if it is something more serious, like a tumor. 

The doctor is reading the MRI on Monday and I need all of your prayers that it is something that can be controlled with meds and not something fatal like a tumor.  Isabelle needed to be put down because of a tumor and it would literally kill me again to see Bacon need to put down because of a tumor.

I feel so attached to this dog and only my parents have met him!
So please please pray that everything is okay, we can get him on the meds he needs, and we can take him home!! xo

UPDATE: He's been cleared!!!!! I'm SO SO SO excited!  He's coming home tomorrow.  I won't get to meet him until I'm home for thanksgiving, but expect a huge picture post to come!! xo

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