Friday, October 5, 2012

alex & ani.

late in august, before i went back to school and after i came back from europe, my two friends erika and lizzy introduced me to a new store. 
lizzy had talked about it all summer, and i never looked into it because, to be honest, i have a shopping problem and knew that if i looked into it i would become addicted.
walking back from my lunch break at work one day, i saw the store.  apparently, this little store they had been talking about all summer had just opened up in my town. 

i took it as a sign that i had to go in.
needless to say, i'm obviously addicted.

Alex and Ani is an eco-friendly jewelry line made exclusively in america.  they come in russian gold or silver and are expandable so that they fit everyone.  the focus of the line is positive energy.  

i love the concept of this company, and currently have a grand total of four alex and ani bracelets.  each one features a charm and each charm tells a little bit of a story.  i like that they're collectable.  it's like the modern-day charm bracelet.  

i have a feather one, because i've always believed feathers symbolize freedom and independence.  i have the letter "j" for my name, obviously.  alpha phi is a new one because it's my sorority.  and then the london towers, well, i'll explain that soon :)

have you ever heard of alex and ani? which ones would you get/ do you have? 

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