Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the best friend dilemma

"I pet you."

i'm having the issue of the best friend dilemma.  it's a dilemma that has been around forever, played out in various episodes of friends, and has had more movies made about it then anything.  and yet, there is no clear answer to how to solve it.

the best friend dilemma, as i like to call it, is the issue in which you fall for your best guy friend.  it's bound to happen if you have a best guy friend who is straight and you are single.  but how to deal with the situation is so challenging that it almost makes me want to cry.

on one hand i believe that life is too short and you should tell the person you are falling for that you are,  in fact, falling for him.  if not directly then at least indirectly hint at it.  on the other hand i believe good friends are so incredibly rare that it is a huge risk to say something that could jeopardize it.  

have you ever been in a situation like this?  what are your beliefs on the best friend dilemma?


  1. some of the best relationships start as friendships ;)

  2. Well the mister and I were best friends in High School and 7 years later we got married. I say go for it! If you are really good friends everything will work out for your friendship if it doesn't work on in the love department ;)
    xo TJ


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