Friday, September 14, 2012

links for your weekend

happy weekend!  i can not tell you how happy i am for the weekend.  this week has been so stressful and i'm just excited to relax and unwind.  i have a super hard practice tonight at six but tomorrow my coach is letting us play kickball tomorrow morning for our recovery day, which is so nice.  my body is definitely hurting after the practices and lifts we had this week.

:: all the best people are ::

other then that, my roommate sarah's mom is coming to take us to dinner tomorrow night.  
this weekend should be a ton of fun and i couldn't be more excited.

here are some links from around the web that i'm obsessed with!  

interview with mindy kaling about her new show (you can watch the hilarious first episode here)

i need to make these nutella stuffed cookies as soon as i can

the best post on dating in college.... i absolutely love meg's writing.

sarah writes these letters to her unborn child and they melt my heart 

i'm preordering this phone this weekend.  goodbye cracked screen!

what are you doing this weekend? xo

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  1. i love sarah's letters to her little baby too! hope you have a nice relaxing weekend after this week :)


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