Friday, August 31, 2012

life lately, according to my iPhone

i can't believe it's already friday and i'm pretty much through with my first week back at school.  so far i am absolutely loving my classes.  my favorites are definitely my international politics class, my adult development psychology class, and my spanish literature class.  i went into my spanish lit class completely confused on tuesday because legit everything is in spanish.  even the syllabus.  so that was a little intimidating but i think i'm really going to like it.

on top of get settled back into campus life, tomorrow starts my first practice.  i'm really excited to get back to swimming, especially after being injured for a majority of last season.  I'm nervous about my shoulder holding up, but i'm hoping it's okay.

here are some pictures from my iPhone from the last two weeks!

 reunited with my friends lizzy and erika after not seeing them all summer
 the four of us all reunited at my house the last weekend before we came back
 massively large lunches 
 last strength training session at home
 relaxing in the sauna 

                                                                                the solution to holding my shoes// the first night back 
going on a run to the playground!

what have you been up to?  xo

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  1. thank goodness for iPhone pictures!
    you all are so cute!
    xo TJ


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