Wednesday, August 8, 2012

guest post: sarah, fairytales are true

while i'm away in europe, i have some seriously wonderful women guest posting about their travel essentials or their favorite trip.  please be sure to check out their lovely blogs and i'll be back mid-august with many stories to tell! xo

I've been reading Sarah's blog, Fairytales are True, for well over a year.  She's a drop dead gorgeous wedding stylist and lives with her husband in Switzerland..... which I've decided based on my trip last year that Switzerland is one of the coolest places ever.  And since Sarah lives there, that makes her even cooler then she already is.  Not only that, but she's also expecting her first child.  Based on her blog, I think she's going to be such an amazing mama!  She's here today to share with you her trip to Italy!

Hi There!

I'm Sarah from fairytales are true.  
I wanted to tell you about  my favorite little tuscan village!
san gimignano, italy
It is aboslutely breathtaking and definitely worth the trip.
This was pretty much my agenda - wine tasting, eat, wine tasting, eat - because the sight seeing is all around you.  
viva italia!  

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