Monday, August 6, 2012

guest post: kristen, triple max tons

while i'm away in europe, i have some seriously wonderful women guest posting about their travel essentials or their favorite trip.  please be sure to check out their lovely blogs and i'll be back mid-august with many stories to tell! xo

if you've ever read kristen's blog, triple max tons, you'd know why i love it so much.  she has some seriously gorgeous hair, a seriously gorgeous husband, and a seriously gorgeous fashion sense.  not to mention her blog design and photography skills..... oh boy i have a serious blog crush on her.  
luckily, she's one of the sweetest blog friends i have ever met and i could not be happier to have her here today! 

Well hello there, Purple Monkey readers! Kirsten from Triple Max Tons here, taking over for the day while Jackie is off having the time of her life in Europe. Yes, high five if you picked up on some undertones of pure jealousy in that previous sentence. Since hearing about her amazing Italy/France/Spain vacay, I've had planes, trains and automobiles on the brain. I'd consider myself a very light packer, and haven't checked a bag in a very long time (I admit, part of the reason is because I am totally stingy...I'd rather bring less stuff than cough up some cash to haul things I won't even wear across the country). So, with that in mind, I figured I give you a little peek into some of my favorite carry on accessories. 

Tote Bag - I like them to be big and roomy, with a zipper on top so none of my stuff goes flying out (hehe...pun totally intended) during take-off and landing. These color block totes from Gap are fun, affordable and versatile.

Panama Hat - When I am on a plane, my hair usually looks as if I am floating around in zero gravity. To stifle the crazy electric-shock worthy static, I usually just put a hat on. My go to style is the J.Crew Panama hat.

Magazines - I'm not a big fan of digital readers, so I stock up on lots of magazines. House Beautiful and Elle are two of my favorites.

Laptop Sleeve - I rarely go anywhere without toting my trusty laptop (I'm a PC girl, in case you want to taunt me about it). I am known to be a little *clumsy* with my computers, so I'll pop a padded sleevearound it so the inevitable bumps and dings are less damaging.

Sunglasses - I only have a few pairs of sunglasses - 2 pairs by Ray-ban, 1 incorrect RX pair that give me a death headache, and 1 floral printed pair that are el cheapo. I'll bring a trendy and inexpensive pair along with my trusty aviators - I get separation anxiety when we are parted for too long, hehe.

Sweater - I am a total spaz who can go from having a bona fide hot flash (induced by my dragging luggage, no doubt) to being freezing cold (compliments of those little ceiling blow holes) in T-5 seconds, so carrying on a light sweater is a must. For travel, I like ones that are swaddly and longer, kinda like a blanket.

Gummies - My airport weakness! I simply can't resist buying a pack of Swedish Fish to nosh on during the flight. Chewy, sticky, delicious...they've earned the title of my "most fave candy in the entire world."

My "Under 3 oz Arsenal" - My make-up routine is pretty simple in and out of airports. Moisturizer, powder, bronzer, and a swipe of mascara and tinted lip balm. Easy peasy. My in-flight beauty stash usually consists of  bronzermattifying powderperfumeface cleanserspf 40 face moisturizermini mascaraeye de-puffertinted lip balm.

Thanks so very much for having me,'s been a blast, and I hope you have the most amazing time on your trip. Wishing you safe travels, and please do come back with lots of pictures and stories to share! 

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  1. Thanks for having me, my dear....hope you are having the time of your life abroad!


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