Monday, August 20, 2012

back in action.

cheesy leaning tower of pisa picture.  

guys.... i'm back!
my trip was absolutely amazing and went by a little too fast, but after fifteen days and four countries i am beyond happy to be home in my own bed.

that's not to say this weekend wasn't an exciting one.  on saturday morning we woke up at four am french time (ten pm new jersey time) and went to the airport for our first flight to germany.  we then ran through the airport to make our second flight to america, which was.... only one hour later.  
so basically by saturday night i had been awake since friday at ten.  it was exhausting.
not only that, but two of my best friends from school texted me thursday and said they were stranded and their plans for the weekend fell through and they had no where to stay.  they're from out of town (one from london!) so obviously i love them to death and was totally like "sure, come over"!  so two hours after getting home saturday they came over and stayed until today.  i was probably the least fun person in the world ever this weekend because i'm so tired, but oh well, after three months i could not have been happier to see them.

not to mention that, but yesterday i took them to the beach and we randomly ran into my roommate (and one of my other best friends) from school and her mom.  so that made me even happier.  and then everyone came over for dinner.

then it was decided that we would be moving back to PA this friday not saturday, so now i'm in the process of unpacking/packing/going to staples, target, the mall, the food store, etc.
so much to do it's not even funny.

i was going to post the first round of pictures tonight because i miss y'all so much, but then i went to hot yoga and got super dehydrated and i thought my heart was gonna explode so i almost went to the hospital.  talk about exciting stuff over her.  so i think i'm just gonna go to bed.

not to worry!  i'll be back tomorrow with the italy part of the trip :)

a super huge thanks to all of my guest posters who posted while i was away!  

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