Friday, July 6, 2012


i'm a bit surprised the weekend is already here.  it feels like it was such a strange week.  i have work tomorrow morning, but then i'm off to long beach island for the night for a somewhat spontaneous trip. i'm super excited to see my roommate from school and spend some time on a mini trip!  
what are you doing this weekend?  

here are some things around the web that i am adoring this week! 

1. true words
2.  i just have to try these magnets out... wouldn't they make a great gift? 
3.  i'm dying to find a pair of neon heels.  any suggestions?
4.  a casual fishtail braid.... just perfect for the weekend
5.  i need to make these asap.  
6.  just a happy picture to end the week

and a few more links.....
on pursuing what you love and taking the time to work for it

moorea's jewelry sale is going on now (her stuff is gorgeous)

the importance of teaching children how to swim
*As a lifeguard and college swimmer, I strongly urge you to teach your children how to swim*

have a wonderful weekend everyone! xo


  1. great links! that fishtail braid is amazing and i think i might just try it tonight! one of your newer followers :)

    xo Britta

  2. Hey girl I was just going to tell you I have decided to go vegetarian! I thought of you when I made the switch. :)


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