Thursday, July 5, 2012

fourth of july.

happy {belated} fourth of july!
yesterday was pretty low key in my opinion.  i always end up working the fourth (unfortunately a downside to being a part-time lifeguard), but this year the beach was significantly less crowded then normal.  a bunch of the towns near where i live (including the one where i work) cancelled fireworks this year (I KNOW.  don't even get me started) so not a lot of people came to the beach.  that worked just fine for me because i got a three mile run in and apart from a few cuts and scraps and one missing child (who was found), it was a pretty slow day.

after work i walked down to my parent's friends house.  they have this gorgeous home right on the beach.  one of my best friends came and we had a barbecue right on the beach.  the entire night was spent swimming and eating, two things i obviously enjoy very much.

it all made me very thankful that i live where i live.  

how was your holiday? xo 

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