Thursday, June 21, 2012

New York Minute

One of the advantages to living in New Jersey is being able to take the forty minute ferry ride into the city whenever I want to.  I usually go into the city with my mom (who used to live in the city and knows her way around wonderfully) or my friends, but last week was a little different.

My friend Stephanie got an internship in SoHo and gets out of work at 2 PM on Fridays.  I decided that I was going to go in around 1 and meet her for shopping and dinner.  I was a little nervous about getting there myself (I have never ventured into the city alone) but I actually found it empowering and had so much fun!

We went to the Rag and Bone sample sale in Chelsea Market (where I got two super cute dresses for 1/3 of the price!!!), got frozen yogurt from a truck on the street, ate shrimp cocktail, tomato and pesto soup, and grilled chicken with cheesy potatoes at Markt, and picked up Baked by Melissa cupcakes to enjoy on the way home.

{My Rag and Bone Sample sale purchases}

It was all a great time and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.  That is until we got the cab from hell.  

After dinner, we had over an hour before our 7:30 ferry.  Normally I'm not to stressed about making ferries because they always have another one later.  But the next ferry wasn't until 10 and since I had been up since 5:30 for practice and had to be at work the next morning at, there was no way I was making it that late.  But we had over an hour, so I thought, no big deal we have time to go get our cupcakes,  After getting them, we tried to get a taxi to bring us to the ferry.  We still had forty five minutes at this point so when we had trouble getting one I wasn't too concerned.  We finally found one, got in, and asked him to take us to E 35th so we could get our ferry.  He had no idea where that was and started laughing at us!  I {calmly} explained where it was and just told him to drive toward the water and go to E 34th.  

As we're driving there, he's taking his sweet old time.  As in, stopping at GREEN lights.  I was getting furious.  The clock kept creeping closer and closer to 7:30 and I was getting more concerned.  At 7:25 we were still two blocks away, so I took out cash, threw it at him, and we started running.  Like running faster then I have in awhile.  Picture two girls sprinting through traffic with shopping bags as we try to make it to the ferry on time.  Our taxi driver drove past us smiling and waving.  We were so confused, but kept going anyway.  We literally made it to the ferry as they were closing the gates and thank god they let us on.

Once we got on the ferry I realized why he had been waving at us.  When I threw the money at him, I had given him $20.  For an $8 cab ride.  Oh goodness.

At least we had something pretty waiting for us when we got home.

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  1. Goodness gracious, this had to have been stressful! Glad you made it on time though!


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