Monday, June 25, 2012

life lately according to instagram

a stormy start to the morning // peach italian ice and vanilla ice cream

fresh blackberries // peach and berry pie {recipe to come!}

ready to take a dip // beating the heat when it reach one hundred degrees

a night out to a charity function with my friend // homemade pizza night for sunday dinner

a sunday trip to the farmer's market with my mama // the biggest lemonade in the world

a much needed post work trail run // cheering on my friend tonight in the finals of the olympic trials {he's the first one}

lounging around during a slow day at work // a much needed pedicure in a pretty blue shade

this past week was beyond stressful. thank you all for the warm wishes and get wells for my grandma.... i'm happy to say she is back at home!  

besides that i had some terrible car troubles.  on tuesday i locked my keys, phone, and wallet in my car during a terrible blonde move and thanks to the sweetest old lady and my patient mother i was able to get back in.  on thursday i got a flat tire and when i went to pick up my car from the gas station they told me a knife was in it.  how the hell does that get in there?  my luck.

besides that, i've been having some problems at the job i got this year.  i won't get into details, but i'm hoping it will work out.

also, if all of you could root for my good friend Connor Jaeger this week at the Olympic Swimming Trials in Omaha, Nebraska, that would be GREAT.  I swam with him for 11 years and he's the most dedicated swimmer I know.  He placed 6th tonight.... just missed out on the Olympic spot!  But still, I would KILL to be 6th in the country.  His best race is this weekend so please cheer him on and say an extra prayer for him! xo

how was your weekend? 

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