Wednesday, May 23, 2012

life lately according to instagram

the past week has been beyond busy.
as i briefly mentioned, i started a new job last week.  i had interview for it in april and about fifteen minutes into the interview, my interviewer said "you know what, i don't normally hire people this quickly but i really like you, so would you like to work for us?"  of course i said yes!  i'm an aid to a physical therapist and i do paperwork, develop x-rays, clean tables, do laundry, and work with patients on different exercises.  so far, i really enjoy it.  the hours are long {eleven hour work days three days a week and five hour days once or twice a week}, but it's okay and i need the money and experience right now. i'm also going to be starting working at the beach one or two days a week, but i can't wait for that.  i really love my lifeguarding job, and i'm going to miss working there everyday, but i guess it's time to grow up eventually!

aside from working, i've also been starting my summer training.  i'm waking up at 5:30 a few mornings a week to get my lifting and leg strengthening drills in, plus afternoon swims on days when i'm not working until seven.  i must admit, it takes a large amount of coffee to get me through a early wakeup, hard workout, and eleven hour work day!  but i figured if i don't get the workout in early, there's no way i'm going to want to do it after working all day at eight at night.

i finished my second semester of college last week as well.  although my gpa wasn't exactly what i had hoped for, i brought it up a lot from last semester, so i was pleased.  i can't believe freshmen year is actually over.  it was the best and worst year of my life by far.  i made friends i'll have forever and had some of the most hysterical moments that even now make me laugh, but i also sustained two season-ending injuries and dealt with the death of a good friend.  so it was a pretty hard year and i'm proud of the way i handled it.  

oh! and i also took a break from the work/workout routine on sunday night and went to the enrique iglesias/ pitbull/ flo rida/ dev/ havana brown/ calvin harris dance concert.  it was a blast.  my future roommate sarah came down for the night and we had so much fun.  

here are some instagram photos from my life this past week! xo 

{a beginning of summer treat and a shot of my backyard on a sunny day}

{after work bonding time with my dog and a trip to the boardwalk for dinner with friends}

{pre-summer biology study session and a shot of the ever so handsome enrique iglesias at his concert on sunday night}

{lounging by the pool and lounging in the pool}

{brand spanking new essie nail polishes to add to my collection}

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