Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lake Como, Italy- Bellagio {Cooking Class}

I'm so excited to continue sharing my photos from my trip to Italy and Switzerland in August!  Going through them again makes me miss it so much more, but I'm really grateful for the opportunity.
On our first day in Bellagio, we took a cooking class.  It was one of the highlights of my trip.

Our instructor was the head chef at a little Italian restaurant high on the side of the mountain in Bellagio.  We took the class with two other families, and one woman who was taking it without her family.  The two families had little babies; one was a baby boy from Holland and one was a baby girl from Australia.  They were absolutely precious and so well-behaved.  

 {Waiting for the ferry to take us from our hotel to Bellagio}

 {One of the things we made was pasta in three different flavors: plain, beet, and spinach.  I made the spinach one above.}

 {We also made stuffed zucchini flowers.  Here I am stirring the flowers in a delicious broth.}

 {The action shot of making pasta!  Kneading the dough is much harder then it looks because it's so sticky.}

 {I thought the colors of the pasta were gorgeous.  Our chef put everything through the pasta maker for us.}

{We cut the pasta into strips, and created a pattern on a sheet of plain pasta.  Then our chef ran it through the pasta maker to create this.}

 {Our fancy pasta was used to make homemade raviolis.}

 {The outside terrace where we all at lunch was covered in vines and grapes.}

 {My wonderful parents.}

 {Here I am earning my certificate for completing the course, with our head chef.}

 {We had two desserts: one was a chocolate soufflé...}

 {.... the other was a pistachio creme brûlée covered in fresh fruits.}

 {We made four different dishes for the main lunch: risotto, gnocchi, Bolognese (which I didn't eat), and the ravioli.}

 {My sister and I}

  {The stuffed zucchini flower.}

Doesn't the food look delicious?  It's making my mouth water!

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