Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lake Como, Italy- Bellagio

Termezzo {where we stayed at in Lake Como} was directly across the lake from a town called Bellagio.  Bellagio was much more of a tourist destination, but we ended up over there on two different destinations because we loved the little side streets and charming shops.  It was a quick twenty minute ferry ride over there, and we were able to snap some gorgeous shots of the lake while we traveled there.

We ended up taking a cooking class on our first trip there, which I'll save for another day.  The second day we spent there was spent walking around and soaking up the town.

 {The little ferry station where we went to catch out boat over to the other town.}

 {Having a little fun with a parked vespa.}

 {A shaded street overlooking the town's church.}

 {The best gelato of our trip was found here.  My pick?  Pear and hazelnut.}

 {My sister and I in front of that little gelato store.}

 {Saying we did a lot of shopping on our trip would be a huge understatement.  One of the most memorable shops we visited was a little wood working studio in this town.  My parents bough a few salad bowls, and I picked out a hand painted platter to store my perfume bottles on.  I'll post pictures of it soon.  This was in the floor of the studio, which I thought was pretty awesome.}

 {Like I said, the town had some pretty cute streets.}

 {The view, like any view in Lake Como, was spectacular.}

 {The view, again.}

 {And again.}

I'm missing it already!


Please be patient with me this week, readers.  A lot is happening, and I'm a bit of a mess.  Yesterday was my last day of work.  I'm taking the next four days to get prepared and all packed up, because on Thursday I pack all of my belongings up and move close to two hours away to go to school.  It's crazy and I can't quite believe it's all happening.  So if my postings are a bit sporadic for the next week or so, please be patient!  xo

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  1. oh lord, those views. those views, those views. take your time posting darling girl, what an exciting time of life!


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