Saturday, August 27, 2011

{From the Past} Iconic Females

{This week, while I move to another state and prepare to start college, I'm posting some of my favorite posts that I've written since I started my blog.  I hope you enjoy revisiting these with me.  I'll be back on Monday, 8.29.11! xo}

*This was originally posted on Tuesday, 5.12.11*

I have a board on my pinterest where I post photographs of musicians, actors, and humanitarians I consider to define the word "iconic".
Lately, I've been noticing something interesting.
I consider a lot of people from before my time to be iconic, but there are also those select few from these past few years that I think will go right up there in history with the Marilyns and Audreys as people we will relate to. 

I know we are all surrounded by the Snookies, Lindsay's, and Paris Hilton's of the world, but it is important to remember the individuals of our past that have an amazing influence on society, and recognize those here today as contributors to the future.

Here is my Iconic List, then and now:


Grace Kelly
Elizabeth Taylor

Audrey Hepburn

Bridget Bardot
Ella Fitzgerald
Jane Birkin
Zelda Fitzgerald

Marilyn Monroe

Sofia Coppola
Drew Barrymore
Alison Sudol
Gwyneth Paltrow
Sandra Bullock
Kate Hudson (in Almost Famous)

Amy Adams
Kate Winslet
Goldie Hawn
Reese Witherspoon
Florence Welch

Of course, this is just a fraction of the iconic females that have changed our world.  But I think the "Now" category deserves just as much credit as the "Then" category.

Who are your most iconic individuals in history?

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