Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Lovin'

As many know, Summer is my favorite season hands down.
There's just something so great about coming home from work at five and having your choice of any activity to do that night.
I love working all day on the beach, even though sometimes I get frustrated by silly swimmers and immature coworkers.

I love going out for late night ice cream with the people i care about.
i love sushi dates with the girls i work with, where we vent about said immature {male} coworkers.
i love long walks on the beach.
i love making s'mores by the fire.
i love coming home from work and having a world of possibilities as to what i get to do that night.

i love the free spirit vibe that summer gives off.  i think it teaches us all to let our hair down just a little and experiment with new things we might not normally do.  
i always try to remember the feeling i have in the summer.
the feeling of anythings possibly.
because it is.

The last quote really speaks to me.  When you're at the beach {not working, i mean}, it honestly feels like none of your problems matter. 
Try it.
Look out into the vast ocean, and suddenly that little problem you had doesn't seem to matter anymore.

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