Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

Yesterday marked my "official" start to summer.
I've been out of school for almost two weeks, but yesterday I gave my huge senior presentation, so i'm officially done now!

These are some of the reasons why summer is my all-time favorite season:

Going to the beach all the time.
Being tan.
Exercising outside.

Late night trips for ice cream.
Swimming in the ocean.
Shorts and t-shirts.
Playing with my dog outside.
Driving with the windows down.
Bright colors.
Feather hair extensions.
Outdoor concerts.
Summer thunderstorms.
Surf hair.
Sand in my bed.
My birthday.
New books.

Why do you like summer?

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  1. gahhh this post made me crave hot weather and summer :)

  2. Beautiful. I love summer as well.
    Bonnaroo = favorite reason why

  3. i love taylor sterling's outfit here! i need that skirt from hallelu, but it seems its out-of-stock.

    i love all of what you posted, sandy legs, bright colors, feather hair extensions...i need to look into getting that done...

    when's your birthday? any special plans?



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