Friday, May 6, 2011

Prayers for the Innocent

Lately, whenever I hear of bombs blowing up towns in Pakistan or crowds being shot at in Libya, all I can think about is those poor, innocent people.

September 11th is a day we as Americans will never forget.  It was a true tragedy.
But while that was one of the worst days imaginable for us, we are truly lucky.

Everyday we hear of bombs, shootings, and grenades in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Innocent people who aren't a part of the extreme terrorist groups that live there are being killed doing everyday activities for what?  Being in the wrong place?

Mass killings are their life.  They actually have to go out and worry if something will happen to them or their families that day.

Because the war is on their soil.
While I don't consider any of us lucky for what happened on 9/11, I do consider us lucky in the other sense.
We don't deal with it on a daily basis.
Ordinary people can go out and not worry about bombs blowing up their buses.
We don't have to worry about soldiers shooting at us for just being there.

We are very lucky to be in America and be able to live the lives we do.
I'm not saying bad stuff doesn't happen here.
It's just not an everyday event all the time here.

I think we sometimes forget about those innocent people in the foreign countries who are suffering.
For what?  Because they chose to live there?  
I know we always hear in the news of new bombs exploding.  But do we ever think about the innocent people who were there?
I know I always don't.

That makes me sad.

Whether you're worrying about losing weight, the price of gas, or your plans for the night, let's take a moment and say a prayer for every innocent man, woman, or child who has lost their life because of their country's political battle.  

Just because people like Osama bin Laden lived in Pakistan, doesn't mean everyone there is exactly like him.

* This is the article that sparked this thought.


  1. Greta post and extremely touching... thanks for the lovely post!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

    MyLyfeMyStory on twitter

  2. It's true. People don't always think about it - I know I don't think about it much - but we're pretty lucky to live here, away from all of that. Great post!


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