Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Things

...... I would rather be wearing right now.

A breezy dress with a gorgeous statement necklace

A bright maxi skirt with an equally bright striped blouse

A chunky colorful knit with strappy wedges 

The most perfect blazer.... ever.

An awesome tribal print skirt with a wide belt

It's been awhile since I've done a five list post, so I figured it's time.  A new month, means new style.  I tend to find myself being more adventurous with my style on vacations {wait for this week's Style Story Sunday}, which is probably because I figure no one will ever see me again if I look like a fool.  Do you find this too?  I'm pledging to start wearing more bright colors, more maxi skirts, and more adventurous dresses this summer.  No safe choices for me!


  1. Fabulous finds... they're so DIFFERENT! Don't you like to be different? I do. :) It's so much FUN to be unique! <3

  2. Love that maxi skirt. And that blazer colour is so perfect!

  3. oooh. dig the first, the fourth, and #5 is perfection.


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