Sunday, April 3, 2011

Style Story Sundays- Number 26; Combat Boots

Happy Sunday!
How is everyone's weekend so far?  Mine is incredible.  Friday I had off from school so I went out to lunch and did some shopping with my Mama and sister.  I got a maxi skirt!  It's amazing and I can't wait to feature it on a Style Story Sunday soon!  Yesterday was jam packed.... but in a good way!  I woke up and went to hot yoga with my mom.  Another amazing class.  I really like starting my weekend's off with that class and I'm sad next week I won't be here for it.  Then I went and saw Limitless with my bestie.  Have any of you seen it?  It's incredible.  For some reason it reminded me of Inception a bit with the psychological brain plot.  I like movies like that so I loved it and highly recommend it.  Then I went into town with my other friend Stephanie.  We went to the fair trade store and each got a cute leather ring and a necklace.  Then we went to a thai place for dinner.  So yummy.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  It was in the upper 50s and I wore sandals and drove with the windows down!  Perfection.

This is what I wore Friday when I went out with my Mama and sister.

Neon Shirt: LF stores
Sweater:  BCBG Max Azaria (on sale!)
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Combat Boots:  MIA 
Necklace:  made by me (see here)
Glasses:  Warby Parker

This look is casual and I love it.  The shirt is from LF.  I love the neon color of it, and while it looks a little wrinkled and bunched here (sorry!- the result of laying on the couch with it on), it's really quite flowy and nice.  I love LF stores, and there's one right by my house in Florida.  It's the only store I have to go into at least once while I'm there, because I always find a unique piece or two to bring home.  Some of my favorite clothes are from LF.  The sweater I found after Christmas last year when I was in a Florida mall.  It was marked down from like $200 to $60!  I wear it everywhere.  I'm not kidding.  I wear it to school, after practice, and to yoga classes.  It's my go to sweater for cool days, for weekends, and at night when I'm chilly.  It's so versatile and I love it.  On to the boots.... I have been looking for combat boots for awhile, so when I saw these I knew they were perfect.  I actually saw them at a Free People store in February.  I have been checking on them on the FP site, and saw that they had been marked down from like $200 to $120.  I couldn't justify spending $200 on combat boots, but $120 wasn't so bad.  I googled (like I always do) the boots to see if they fit true to size.  I cam across Amazon, where they had the boots in my size and color for $75 with free shipping!  Jack pot!  For the record, they are perfect and I've worn them probably 5 times since I got them a week ago.  


What are your plans for today?  I'm going to teach my class and then either bake some cupcakes, or go for a run, or just watch a movie.  There's a documentary about yoga on my list of documentaries to see that I'd like to watch today!
Have a great sunday!

I'll be back tomorrow with my first Yoga Monday post! xo

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