Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beads and Chains

A few weeks ago, I mentioned how I was starting to dabble again in jewelry making.
It has nothing to do with me thinking I'm good at it.
I just have been seeing this style of jewelry in stores like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, and figured instead of spending $40 or $50 for one necklace, I would spend $100 on supplies and make all of this.
It's incredibly time consuming and you know what?  I love it.
I love cutting the chains and organizing the stone beads into different creations.

I wear my jewelry all the time now.  Anytime I think "wow, i wish I had a necklace that was ___ color and ___ length" I just make it!


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  1. Wow, everything truly looks beautiful--I can totally see those pieces in Anthro :)


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