Sunday, March 27, 2011

Posture Challenge

I haven't talked much about my yoga practice lately.
I'm slowly getting back into attending weekly classes.  I know that doesn't sound like much, but being a student-athlete, that is all I really have time for.  
However, I would like to add a little something into my week to help.

The class I usually attend is on Saturday.  I go to my favorite hot yoga studio, which is the same one I teach my class at on Sundays.  
I'll either go to the 10 AM Warm flow class, which is an hour, or the 4 PM hot class which is made up of 26 yoga poses done twice in 90 minutes.
I like doing this on Saturdays, because it sets up the perfect vibe for the weekend.
On Sunday's I teach my class at 12:30.  While I do the full round of yoga so I can show all the kids what to do, it's such a different vibe since I'm teaching children with special needs.  I'll do a post about teaching them this week, and while I love it, I require the yoga class from the previous day to help with patience.

This week, I plan on waking up just 10 minutes earlier to focus on a morning practice.  I think that will do wonders for my day.  I also want to practice some poses at night before bed, to help me sleep.

These are some of the poses I want to focus on this week:

Legs up the wall: this is perfect for inducing sleep before bed

Wheel:  I love this pose, but I really want to focus on holding it a little longer

Dancer:  I love the combination of balance and deep stretching this pose induces

Headstand:  Although I can only do it against a wall, it brings fresh blood to the brain.

And then of course, there's simple meditation.  Which really isn't so simple after all.

I think there's something exciting about setting a challenge for yourself.  I'm really excited to see how adding just ten minutes in the morning and at night will help not only my yoga practice, but my life.
What challenges are you setting up for yourself this week?


  1. Geez! You're doing well! :)
    I think I want to be more diligent about the gym and schoolwork this week! I do like yoga though! The Cat/Cow stretches I LOVE for my back!

  2. very cool! It always feels good to add more yoga to your life.

  3. O this makes me want to get back into yoga again. It has been way to long.

  4. I recently took up Yoga and it's so much fun!! I agree stretching before going to bed is a good idea

  5. Ah, a fantastic goal! I'd love to hear more about your teaching :)


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