Monday, March 28, 2011

Bits of My Weekend

Ah, who knew my yoga post last night would be so popular?
I will listen to all of your advice and start posting more about my teaching.  I have a big post planned for this week!
Anyway, I had such a lovely weekend.  
It was full of yoga, healthy foods, outdoor walks, and time with my family.  Pure perfection.

 1.  10 AM hot yoga on Saturday with my Mama at our favorite studio.  I ended up back there on Sunday for my class.
2.  I took my dog, Isabelle, for a little stroll around our yard.  
3.  Buds on trees!
4.  It was a cool weekend, but sunny.
5.  Isabelle sunbathing
6.  A yummy and healthy lunch:  spinach, mozzarella, tomato, pesto, avocado and balsamic wrapped in a spinach tortilla.
7.  Papaya smoothies
8.  A trip to NYC for dinner with the family
9.  Laying in bed on Sunday morning and soaking in the sun that peaked through the windows.
10.  Made a batch of homemade granola up- recipe to come! 

Today didn't disappoint either.  I came home from practice and made two amazing baked treats for the team tomorrow.  My best friend came over and we talked for hours.  It was lovely!
How was your weekend? 

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