Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's the Little Things

I've been really focusing on things this week that have been making me happy.
It's probably because being a Senior who has three months until graduation, I really don't want to go to class anymore.
I'm so beyond ready for summer to come and all of the joy that comes with it.
I'm ready to not have to go to Statistics class and spend time in study hall.
I'm ready to be free from high school.
The reasons for this can be saved for a different post, but my point is, everyday I wake up needing to have something to look forward to.
Focusing on the little things is one way I stay calm, content, and happy no matter what day of the week it is.
{Although, it helps when it's a Friday rather then a Monday}
I live believing that it's important to find happiness in every part of your life, even if it's little.

1.  Braided friendship bracelets that remind me of 6th grade
2.  My grandmother's earrings and
3. ring that she gave me
4.  Surprise cupcakes from my Dad
5.  Fuzzy socks
6.  Fresh squeezed orange juice {thanks Mom!}
7.  After school ice cream
8.  Ever senior has to create a piece of artwork that will be turned into a tile to decorate a wall in the school with.  I finished mine and l-o-v-e how it turned out!
9.  Apple carrot lemonade 

pandora, nighttime drives by myself, yummy bagels in the morning, fresh coffee, bedtime, sunny days, yoga pants, productive afternoons, the new issue of Nylon, and....

the fact that it's 9:30 and I'm about to go to bed.

Oh, and YOU!
I thank my lucky stars every day that I continued blogging everyday even when I had one follower.  Because if I hadn't, I wouldn't have met all 73 of you.  Seriously, your comments and sweet tweets make my day! I'm so happy and blessed to have had such a positive blogging experience thus far, and I can't wait to continue meeting more of you and developing blogging relationships in the future! 

It's the little things like that that I love.

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  1. Your blog is really cute. :) Thanks for following. :D


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