Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Little Tour

Today was my first day back to school since break, but I'm giving myself a sick day since I'm still a bit under the weather.  I decided to be productive and spring clean my room.  It feels so nice to clean off my desk, go through paper, file, and clean out my closet.  I totally recommend doing a huge clean out fo your closet.  You make space for all your new clothes and can donate your old ones to charity at the same time!
There are so many aspects of my room that I love, little things that really add a unique touch and I can't wait to take with me in the Fall, as well as the bigger things that will be staying put for when I come home to visit.  I thought I'd share with all of you some of my favorite things in my room!

1.  A winter home for my surfboard.  I love to surf, but the water here is frigid in the winter.  I like how it becomes part of my decoration in the winter!
2.  Breakfast at Tiffany's poster
3.  Postcard wall.  I collect postcards everywhere I go!
4.  Inspiration board over my desk.  Little tags, poster, post cards, and print outs.
5.  Assortment of frames housing memories.
6.  Decorated turtle, given to me by my dad when he went to Hawaii
7.  Candle collection on my dresser, underneath homeade artwork.
8.  Painting from Greece
9.  Evil Eye I bought while in Greece.  Protects me while I sleep!

I'd love to see what your home looks like!  If you do a post on it, leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!

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