Monday, February 7, 2011

50 things....

about a year and a half ago, i posted a "50 things you didn't know about me post"

so since it's been over a year, i figured i'd do it again!

1)  I've been to Paris, Turkey, and a ton of random Greek islands, but I've never been to Austin, Texas, Nashville, Tenn., or L.A, California.

2)  My mom grew up in South Dakota.

3)  My family still lives there.  I've been to South Dakota multiple times in my life.

4)  My dad went to school with the parents of two of my best friends.  We met randomly at the first day of swim practice when we were 7.  We didn't realize our parents had known each other until we were 10.

5)  I'm the biggest spazz in the world.  I randomly fall, cut myself on things, or bruise myself every day.  I call it battle wounds.

6)  The people who work at the bagel store by my house know me by name.

7)  I can only sleep with the fan on high.  even in the dead of winter.  even when i'm freezing.  it has to be on.

8)  When i was little, i use to go outside and build fairy houses out of stones in my front yard.  i would spend hours playing with the worms and rocks and I loved it.

9)  I credit my creativity to my mom, who went to Fashion Institute of Technology when she was younger.  she sewed her wedding dress and all of my baby clothes.

10)  I like the smell of gas at the gas station.  I know it's terrible.  I can't help it.

11)  I have asthma.
12)  My dream is to one day go to Africa.

13)  i'm editor-in-chief of my school paper and put everything i have into it.

14)  i could live at a diner.

15)  as much as i complained about my summer job, i miss it like no other.  i can't wait to lifeguard the beach again this summer

16)  i've never seen a movie at midnight opening day

17)  i learned to swim before i could walk.

18)  i had an ant farm when i was younger

19) i have 5 email accounts.  yes, 5.   1 personal, 1 for school, 1 for this blog, 1 for my senior thesis project, and 1 for my school paper.

20)  I am scared of pigeons.

21)  I sometimes get this random South Dakota accent.  Especially with certain words like "magazine".

22) I've never slept past 11

23)  I've only moved once.  My family considered moving to Florida five years ago.  As much as I love it there, I'm thankful I didn't.

24)  I've known my oldest friend since I was 2.

25)  When I was younger I would put a blow up pool at the bottom of the slide on my swing set and slide down.

26)  I have a huge scar on my forehead from when I got 30 stitches when I was 7.  I fell off my front porch and split my head open on the cement walkway.

27)  The day I got my stitches, the only thing I remember was loving the ambulance ride.

28) France put me on their no fly list.  When I was trying to leave Paris, they wouldn't let me board the plan.  Luckily it was an accident, and I made it back home.

29)  My first concert was Sheryl Crow and Michelle Branch.  SO GOOD.

30)  I've never slept past 11.

31)  My first kiss was on the beach.  It was awkward.

32)  I use to be in the school choir.

33)  I also use to be in the chess club in middle school.

34)  I once chopped my hair off to ear length.  Such a bad decision.

35)  I've never stayed up later then 4.

36)  On night that I stay up past 1, I can't sleep past 9.

37)  My feet are full of scars from blisters from my Cross Country days.

38)  Before I injured my hip, I could run 13 miles no problem.

39) Once, I fell off my bike, hit my chest to the handle bars, and passed out for 30 seconds.

40)  When I'm sad I either eat chocolate or clean my room.

41)  I'm NJ's youngest yoga teacher

42)  Whenever I hold little dogs, I'm always afraid they'll pee on me.

43)  I hate the part of the shower when you finish and step out into the cold air.

44)  I can't stand that feeling on your feet when your wet feet dry from the ocean water and sand sticks to them.

45)  When I was in the hospital after my surgery, I didn't want to leave because I was scared of what would happen if I went home.

46)  Whenever I'm on Percocet (which has been twice- for my appendix and for my wisdom teeth), I have these crazy whale dreams where the whale is chasing me on land.

47)  I still watch SNL regularly.

48)  I recently babysat a 4 year old girl who didn't know who Britney Spears was.  It made me feel old.

49)  I love the sound the water makes when I go swimming.

50)  When I was younger, I had trouble sleeping.  My parents tried EVERYTHING, from waterfalls to noise makers.  I ended up sleeping in a sleeping bag on their floor every night until I was 9.

Wow.  If you got through that, I love you.

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  1. yoga teacher? my, my. and number 1 goes for me too. i have been to 12 or 13 european countries and i think only 11 embarrassing!


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