Monday, December 13, 2010

Jackie O

every month, my english teacher gives us a set of 7-15 articles and has us write journal entries about each.
this month, the topic was "what's in a name?" and discusses baby names, why we are named what we are, and the trends of names over the years.

I believe 100% that if you're named after someone, you develop a connection to them in some way.
My name is Jacqueline Olivia.

I was named after Jackie Kennedy Onassis or Jackie O.
See the connection?

The funny thing is, my parents must have had a thing with the Kennedy's because my sister was named after Caroline Kennedy.

Anyway, I am proud to be named after such a strong and influential woman in our society.
She was a creative young woman who began her career as a photographer.  
She was an entertainer and is noted as one of the most well-liked first ladies.
She loved to travel and was a caring mother and wife.
She led a life full of poise and grace.

Not only that, she was gorgeous and a style star in my opinion.

Simply stunning.

Were you named after anyone?  


  1. I love Jackie O! How awesome that you were named after her! :)
    My middle name, was my mom's name...does that mean I'm named after her?

  2. i can't think of anyone cooler to be named after than jackie o. never has anyone had a better sense of style.

  3. I was named after my great-grandmother, Annie. I definitely feel a connection to her. I have one of her aprons, and whenever I feel I need guidance, strength, or comfort I put it on and bake some bread.
    love that you're named after Jackie O. Perfect.


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