Thursday, November 11, 2010

random thoughts

i'm a speedy cupcake eater.  i could win a cupcake eating contest.

i have an irrational fear of pigeons and squirrels.  

when i was in 5th grade, i won a pie eating contest.

i cried at the movie "because i said so".

you know the daft punk song "one more time"?  it was on the radio the other night.
i cried because it reminded me this is my last year at home.

i'm emotional.

the first month of driving with my license i drove at night without my headlights on.  i thought they were on, but they weren't.

i keep a jar of chunky peanut butter in my car.

the people at the bagel place by my house know my name, my order, and probably a little too much about me.

i secretly love food shopping.

i plan on getting a tattoo in the next year.  not sure of what, but i'm planning on it.

i've never had a broken bone.  knock on wood.  but i've had surgery on my appendix, plastic surgery when i fell off my porch and split my forehead open, and mouth surgery twice.

when i paris, i broke my vegetarianism to try a snail.  i then proceeded to throw up in an outdoor garbage can.

my favorite book ever is gone with the wind.  i read all 1,000 pages in a weekend.

my mom forced me to read jane eyre when i was 13.  i ended up writing my junior year english research thesis on it because i loved it so much.

i'm officially known as the youngest yoga teacher in the state of new jersey by the studio i use to work for.  i beat out the last youngest by 2 years.  

people always say how brave i am for being a lifeguard.  the truth is, i get so scared when i rescue people.

i once ate oatmeal for breakfast for 40 days straight.  let's just say i rarely eat oatmeal anymore.  

tomorrow night i'm going on an official athletic overnight visit at my dream school.
i'm nervous, but i hope it will be okay!
wish me luck :)
i'll be back saturday.  xo

1 comment:

  1. This is the cutest random list ever!

    I love savoring my cupcakes :).
    Never tried yoga - plan to soon though.
    And oatmeal = yuck! You're brave!



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