Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November Playlist

i'm loving all the new music i have been introduced to in the last month. 
and i'm loving the november playlist i've created!

near to you       a fine frenzy
only the young     brandon flowers
oliver james    fleet foxes
big wave    jenny and johnny
the longer i run     peter bradley adams
all alone in an empty house    lost in the trees

so question for all of you-
should i keep the music playing continuously throughout the month on the sidebar?  or should i just post the playlist here and have a link to it?

i hear a lot of people say how they HATE having music playing when they open a blog.  to the point where the won't even bother reading the blog because of the music.
i don't want the music to be a turnoff for anyone.
personally, i have days where i find it soothing and days when I mute my computer when i look at posts with music.  

so what do you think?  
continuous music or not?
for now, i'm taking it off autotune.
so basically, the playlist is still there, you just have to manually click play to listen to it.


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  1. I like the option to turn it on if I want to listen to it because many times I'm listening to my own music!


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