Thursday, November 4, 2010

Little Love Letters

dear cold november air,
i love you.  even when i get into my car at 730 am and it's 36 degrees and the windows are fogged and there's frost on the ground, i love you.

dear rain,
i love you too.  but i really wish you rained on a sunday when i could stay warm in bed.  not on a day i had to go to classes.

dear road by my house i need to take home from practice,
thanks for not flooding today!  you were a huge help

dear reeses peanut butter cups,
thanks for being the best halloween candy around.

dear treak-or-treaters,
thanks for not taking all the reeses peanut butter cups from my house.

dear waist,
i'm really sorry about all the peanut butter cups.

dear my friend meghan,
please don't move to switzerland.  i'm gonna miss having you here.

dear weekend,
i love you.  we're gonna have a great time together.  

dear life,

mucho amor,

*inspired by the lovely naomi from the rockstar diaries 

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