Friday, September 3, 2010

Patmos, Greece

patmos, greece was this teeny tiny island {well compared to other islands} that was focused on faith and religion.  

and it was gorgeous.
there was something about being on the island that was incredibly spiritual, even for the not so religious.

We decided to go on a tour of Patmos, as opposed to just walking around on our own.  It was a great decision, since our tour guide new so much about the history of the island.

One of my favorite spots was St. john's church.  The view was wonderful.  The inside was also amazing, but they wouldn't let us take pictures.

We had to wear longer skirts and cover our shoulders inside the church.

Another church.
After our tour, we went into town for lunch.  
All the white, paired with the blue sky and bright blue ocean, was what i've always had in mind when i thought of greece.
it's was perfection.  

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