Monday, September 6, 2010

Ephesus, Turkey

after patmos, we were on our way to turkey!
{well, we stopped at the island of Khyos, however that day I got seasick and spent the morning throwing up.  so therefore no trip to Khyos for me}

our first stop there was Kusadasi or Ephesus.  
It's a darling seaside town, and about 25 minutes away is Ephesus, which is a giant ancient ruin structure.
it was gorgeous!

We went on a tour with a ton of other people, mostly from our cruise ship.  I thought that was a good idea because she gave us all the history of the different ruins.  This is the sculpture of Nike- "victory"

ancient public toilets

This was the giant stadium.  To this day, there are still concerts held there.  Madonna even came one year!

all i can say is- haha

That night, we went to a symphony concert outside of the ruins.  It was incredible to just sit in the warm breeze and listen to the music {even if it wasn't my style} outside of this gorgeous architecture.

so gorgeous.
tomorrow i start school again.
it's going to be a lot of hard work, but it's my senior year so i'm planning on making time to enjoy myself.
honestly, this summer was the best summer of my life.  so many amazing things happened and i'm going to miss it.
but that's for a whole different post:)

p.s hi to all my new followers! thanks for reading and following purple monkey.
i'll be heading on over to your blogs this week! xo


  1. hahahaa! i think it's so great you're sitting on the toilets! what an epic trip. beautiful pics! xo

  2. The pictures you have shared over here are all gorgeous and beautiful. I like to see pictures of vacation and holidays very much because I love holidays.


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