Sunday, September 26, 2010

Getting Better

dear sweet readers,
thank you so much for  your sweet comments and emails.
i didn't expect so much support.
i treat this blog sometimes like a diary.
and on friday, i just need to write that out to help me heal.

you are all so amazing.
i don't think i can move on from this for a long time.
but i'm trying everyday.

in the mean time, i decided to volunteer my time yesterday.
because people have it much much harder then i do.

my art national honor society and i went to the food bank to paint a mural in permanent chalk on their chalkboard.

we're not done with it yet, but i think it came out great!

after, i went to panera with the group for lunch and then over to anthropologie to pick up a birthday present for a friend.

and then i saw this.
Bountiful Bubbles Apron
and it was love at first sight.
and since i've been needing an apron, i got it.
and it made me oh so happy.
{and it wasn't too expensive either!  yay!}

right now i'm off to brunch with birthday friend whose home from boarding school for the weekend.
then homework and baking today!

i'll be back with style story sunday tonight
in the mean time...

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