Sunday, August 8, 2010

Style Story Sunday- Number 5; High Waisted Shorts

while i have no problem dressing up
{i love it because I pretty much live in a bathing suit}
casual dressing for me is the hardest.
i'm one of those low maintenance people who doesn't want to spend too much time looking perfect
{i mean, look at my hair.  do you ever see it blown out or straightened?  no}

i got these shorts {and the shirt} the other day and let me tell you
I'm in love

shirt- urban outfitters {2 for $24 sale!}
shorts- urban outfitters
shoes- Tom's
ring- coach 

Tom's is one of my favorite places for shoes.
i own three pairs and they're so comfy!

the shorts are high waisted.
i've never worn high waisted anything and wasn't sure if i'd like them
but i do!
they are incredibly flattering and smooth the tummy.
plus i love the tie detail!

what's something you never thought you'd like that you love?

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