Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer. {and the giveaway winner!}

ahh i know I've been a bit M. I. A this week
i'm still fighting this bronchitus.  {it's been 4 weeks now} so i haven't been in the mood to do much all week.

it's memorial day weekend!
i'm officially done with all of my classes for the school year!
i have two finals next week and then it's officially summer!
to me, memorial day weekend always is the start of summer!

and to me, summer means

popsicles and ice cream.  every.  single.  night.
beach!  all day everyday!
6 am summer swim practices
{which are WAY too early and too cold... but I love seeing the sunrise in the morning}
smelling like the ocean 24/7.
sand in my bed.
and between my toes.

being tan.
fourth of july!
fireworks and fairs.
outdoor concerts.
feeling carefree and alive.
corn on the cob!

outdoor runs.
yoga all the time.
walks to seven eleven to get slurpees
my birthday in july! {17 babyyy}
cute sundresses and jean shorts

walking around barefoot
keeping the windows open all night long

summer 2010!

i also have the winner of this weeks giveaway!
congrats to Heather!

email me at 
purplemonkey732 {at} aol {dot} com

and i'll get you in touch with the seller!

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