Monday, May 31, 2010

Morning Sunshine

happy memorial day!

i hope all of you had a lovely weekend.
mine sure was.
it was filled with laughter, love, family, friends, good food, and sun.

saturday wasn't all that eventful.
i was still recovering from my cough, and the doctor prescribed me a codine filled cough medicine, so I spent the day outside sleeping.
on sunday, my best friend came over and we drank orangina while lounging by my pool.
that was followed by avocado tacos and good music.
California Palm
today i woke up late, and drove to the beach with the bestie.
the normal 10 minute drive took almost an hour because of the traffic, but once we got down there it was wonderful.
we had lunch right by the water and then tanned in the sun.
we tried dipping our toes into the ocean, but it was too chilly for us.
right now we're experiencing a total summer thunderstorm. 
i {kinda} love it.
New Yorker, 2010 by ryantatarBill at Docs, 2009 by ryantatarCold Winter Lines, 2010 by ryantatarMaine, 2009 by ryantatarSummer Sessions, 2009 by ryantatarUntitled, 2009 by ryantatar
Michel Junod, 2010 by ryantatar

the photos featured in this post are by ryan tartar.
{found via. sass}
i think they are the perfect example of summer.  
and they make me smile.
check out his blog & website

what'd you do this weekend?

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