Monday, May 3, 2010

The Little Things

i'm one of those people that get super happy over the tiniest things.

and sometimes on a monday, you need to enjoy the simple things!

such as

skipping first period spanish to sleep
(shhh don't tell)

pumpernickel bagel runs

my new shaggy yellow pillow from anthropologie

panera iced green tea

cards from grandma

pretty flowers

My awesome giveaway prize from this pretty lady

i found this in my pictures on my iphone.  i have no idea how a picture of my screen ended up in there, but i thought it was awesome.

this weekend is super duper busy:
two art pieces due
swim practice
my european history advanced placement exam

eek busy busy!

i'm off to give my tired (and sore) muscles a rest in a hot bath with my euro review book!


  1. being super happy about small things is what it is all about, love.


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