Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Tom's!

it's no secret that Tom's is my favorite shoe brand.
i'm in love with all their styles.
i'm in love with how comfortable their shoes are.
but mostly, i'm in love with how with every pair of shoes i purchase, a pair of shoes are given to a child in need.
some might say it's an obsession.  
{i already have three pairs}

and i have to agree.

today, Tom's shoes turns 4!
they've already given 600,000 shoes to children in need!

in honor of Tom's 4th birthday, they're asking everyone to participate in the One-for-One program.

here's my One-for-One list!
This month....
*i'm going to bake a cupcake for myself, and all my friends too
*cook breakfast for myself, and my family too
*make myself laugh, and everyone around me too
*volunteer at a beach sweep, so i can help myself, my friends, and the environment too
*treat myself to lunch, and my mom too


*buy myself another pair of Tom's
(so i can help a child in need, too!)

here are some of their new spring styles i'm lusting over!
Blue Bridgeport Linen ClassicsYellow Portsmouth Cordones
Yellow Newport CordonesBlue Sumatra Vegan Classics
Blue Tangier Vegan Classics

join in on the One-for-One movement!  

What's your One-for-One pledge?

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