Saturday, May 22, 2010

Leona Naess

i'm currently stuck at home, sick.  
three weeks ago after my half marathon i came down with a sinus infection.
that turned into bronchitus.  
well it hasn't gone away and today the doctor told me i had a low-grade fever with it.
so in bed i stay.

she said that i have to take really good care of myself because
the surgery i had back in november made my immune system really low.
so from now on it'll be vitamins and extra vitamin c for me.

i found this new artist today and i am completely in love with her soft voice and the carefree videos that accompany the amazing lyrics.

her name is Leona Naess
and my new favorite song is Leave Your Boyfriends Behind

I think the video captures the music perfectly.
and it completely sums up my summer plans.
{minus the whole boyfriend part.}
{and the whole drinking part}

all her videos and songs are amazing, unique and just perfect


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