Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paris, I Miss You {Image Heavy}

i had the best time in paris.
my favorite part about it (besides the crepes with nutella from the street corners) was the architecture!

here's some of the pictures i took from the trip.
beware, this post is super image heavy!

{yes, the vegetarian tried a snail.  you can't go to France without having ONE!  they were actually tasty}

{the view from the top of the eiffel tower}


{left- the back of notre dame}

{left- the front of Versaille, right- the inside of versaille, bottom-  the hall of mirrors}

{angelina's hot chocolate!}  

some of the highlights of the trip:
meeting cute french boys
having people think we were from london
having the random man at the eiffel tower take our picture
crepes on the side of the road
getting way to many new room keys because i always lost mine
late night chats in the hallways
running up the 270 stairs of the Arc
trying to speak french (and failing)
coming home and having people tell me it looks like i lost weight because of all the walking we did {when really i ate tons of nutella}
laughing, smiling, and spending time with my friends
i loved it :)

i have some awesome blog things coming up, including the April playlist {i haven't forgotten!}

tomorrow i have something big for all of you!
surprises, surprises!


  1. gorgeous photos! I'm still super jealous ;)
    xo cait
    ps: you looked super cute, as always!

  2. oh man these pictures make me SO homesick for europe


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