Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Paris, I Love You

i'm back i'm back.  

can i just say one thing?

Paris was incredible!
all of you blogger friends who twittered/ blog commented/ emailed me and told me how much i would love it were right!
i didn't want to come back!

of course i've eaten/drunk my weight in the most incredible croissants, crepes, hot chocolate and cappachinos!

if you're ever in Paris, make sure to stop by Angelina's.  best.  hot cocoa.  and chocolate croissants.  EVER!

i also learned:
falafels and crepes are best bought at the street carts on the side of the road
metros aren't as scary as they look.  you just have to push your way off.
friday and saturday nights are great for listening to street music.
sunday and monday nights are great for sleeping.  {the city's dead}
everything looks so much greener in Paris!

oh, and don't eat the falafels they give you on the plane.
they will make you very sick on your first day in Paris.
learned that the hard way.
oh well!

i'll do a huge photo-heavy post tomorrow.... i took a ton!

but for now.... here are a few!

if you want me to send you a post card, you can still email me!
i got some really awesome ones while i was there and have some extras!
for those of you who already have emailed me your address, i'll be working on them this weekend :)

for those of you who want one, send me an email at

purplemonkey732 {@} aol {dot} com

ok.  jet lag is catching up on me.  
time to sleep!

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  1. I can't wait to hear/see all about your adventure! Amazing! Those photos are gorgeous!


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