Thursday, April 1, 2010

home again home again

sorry guys!
whenever i go on vacation, i always tell myself i'll make a little time each night to blog and tweet.
and usually i'm pretty good at that.
this time i wasn't.
i was so tired each night that i had no energy to blog!
call it vacation laziness.

this past week was relaxing.
i was in florida until tuesday night.
then i went to look at some colleges in pennsylvania and new york.
and fell in love with one!
i've made a decision for this blog that has to do with the upcoming year.
as most of you know, i'm a junior right now and will be applying to college by the end of the year.
i'm not planning on talking about which colleges in particular i am applying to
i don't want to jinx anything!
of course, once i'm accepted and happy i'll share :)

i got back home around 2 pm today after about 500 miles of driving!
and then decided to head to the beach with my best friend!
who, i must say, i missed this past week
{but i have to get use to it.  she's leaving for college in august!}

it was fun just to hang out.

yeah, i know this is kind of a disappointing first blog post back.
but don't worry i have some fun new things coming up!
as in:
awesome giveaways!
cool new weekly posts!
special surprise!
guest post ideas!

can't wait to share :)

i'll be back tomorrow morning to tell you all about some of that!


  1. glad you had a great vacation!hope you get accepted in the school of your dreams!

  2. Glad you had a great trip! Can't wait to read about all the new things happening!

  3. i'm jealous of your beach trip...but so excited for you to go to paris!!! have fun and be safe!


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