Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beauty Special

Now, I'm in NO way a beauty expert
In fact, I rarely use makeup and am always amazing at all the new beauty products that come out....
but I do have a few favorite things that I use diligently.
i'm a loyal customer and once you have me hooked on a product, it's hard to get me to budge

so i thought i'd do a post on some of my favorite beauty essentials!

1)  Bare Minerals Foundation
*Golden Fair*
bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation
I never use to wear foundation until about a week ago.  While getting my hair done, I spotted this foundation at the makeup counter and decided to give it a try.  i'm in love.  it instantly polishes my face to being glamorous- whether i'm going to school or out for the night.  my favorite part?  it doesn't feel like you're wearing normal foundation at all!  it feels so.... bare.  
$25, Sephora

2)  Givenchy Effect Extension Mascara
Phenomen'Eyes Effet Extension
I've tried just about every mascara in the book and have been hard-set on my little Maybelline Drugstore brand mascara forever.  So when I went to Sephora and saw it cost $29 for this designer mascara, I was all "oh hell no".   but my curiosity got the better of me and i reluctantly spent the money on the mascara. 
i'm so happy i did.   the funky little ball at the top extends my lashes instantly and separates each lash... SO NO MORE CLUMPS.   well worth the money, i say.
$29, Sephora

3)  Lolita Lempicka Perfume

Lolita Lempicka Forbidden Flower
I'm not going to lie, I was initially drawn to this perfume at the Sephora in Paris because of it's bottle.  How pretty is that?  But the scent is absolutely the perfect fragrance.  It's floraly and fruity and basically perfection in a bottle!!   All my friends comment on how good I smell.  And once, my friend put some on, and her boyfriend loved it too!

4)  Naturopathica Chamomile  Cleansing Cream
Naturopathica Chamomile Cleansing Cream
I first found this in the hotel gift shop while in Hawaii when I forgot my face wash.  It's by far the best face wash i've ever tried.  Not only does it smell great, it washes off everything and is great for those of us with sensitive skin.  The fact that it leaves my face super soft is an added bonus!

5)  Kiehls Creme de Corps
I hate the feeling of dry legs.  But I hate putting on cream only to find an hour later my legs dry again.  This cream is so different.  It's super thick and literally works magic.  
And yes, I did buy the 1 liter bottle.  It's that good.
8.4 fl oz, $27, Kiehls 

6)  Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme
styling creme
I have wavy hair.  It's sometimes a hassle.  This style creme, however, let's me style my waves in whatever way I want.  And unlike a mousee or gel, this creme doesn't make my hair hard or greasy.  


  1. Very interesting to know that you liked that mascara...I've been curious to try! My fave is DiorShow- but it's so $$. My drugstore choice is Maybelline Define-a-lash.

  2. I love trying out new mascaras but I don't know if that fancy one is in the cards for me right now ;) My favorite drugstore brand is Rimmel Sexy Curves - comes in a shiny purple tube. It has a wavy kind of brush that's awesome for anti-clumps!


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