Thursday, March 25, 2010

tomorrow! tomorrow!

do you know what tomorrow is?
friday, yes.
friday, march 26th, correct.  

it's also....
the start of spring break!
oh yes.

okay, normally i get really excited over breaks.
i count them down.
but this break i'm EXTRA excited.
not just because i'll have a full 18 days of break (yes, 18)
{although, i have a ton of work to do so it's not 18 work free days}

but also because i'm traveling.

out of the 18 days on break, i will be home for exactly 3.5 of them.

my full fledge travels start tomorrow at 11:30 am.
i'm going back down to florida to visit with family.
and even though i was just there last month, i'm excited for some fun in the sun.
and to see my grandma.  
because i miss her.
and to see my uncle.
because i miss him.

my trip will be brief.
i'm coming back tuesday night 
on wednesday morning, my dad and i are going on a {short} road trip!
i'm so excited.
i'm going to make an intense playlist.
we're looking at some colleges in pennsylvania and new york.
{scary stuff}
and then coming home thursday night.


i'll be home for three days.  {during which is easter.  i love that holiday}

but, my most exciting adventure to date happens on April 5th.

i'm going to paris!

and i'm going without my family.
this is the first time i'll be actually traveling without them.
minus the occasional weekend away with a friend's family or trip to camp.

my school is taking us on a 9 day trip see paris.
some of my best friends are going.  and some of my favorite teachers are going.
we're going to see some amazing sites and eat amazing food.
but, i'll do a big post about everything next week before i leave.

just so you know, blogged might be a bit sporadic in the next two weeks.
but i'll blog when i can!

okay, i'm really going to need a vacation from my vacation.
but i can't wait!  

and i'm really craving a good greek omelette from my favorite florida greek diner.



  1. um i am 100% jealous...i just did a post on tuesday of french music..i miss paris so much. eat lots of banana+nutella crepes, sing "god help the outcast" at notre dame, and take it all in cause it's AMAZING!

  2. I'm soo jealous that you're going to Paris!! Someday I'll go on a European adventure.. have tons of fun and take lots of pictures :)
    happy almost spring break!
    love cait
    ps: you should totally send me a postcard from somewhere awesome ;)


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