Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

i may be single this Valentine's Day, and it may not be my favorite holiday, but I'm feeling the love this weekend.

i'm one of those people who believe in love.
I believe in forever.
I believe that there is someone out there.
and yes, through my experiences, sometimes i may be cynical about love.
but at the end of the day, deep down inside, i believe in magic.
i believe when you want something enough, it happens
dreams come true
wishes come true

valentine's day isn't just for lovers {although a lot think it is}
it's about all different forms of love.

love for family whose there for you even when you screw up a million times
love for friends who will answer your calls no matter how late, and listen to you vent about something even if you've vented about it a million times before
love for your dog or cat who makes you smile and runs to you every time you walk in the door
love for the person who makes your coffee at the local starbucks every morning
love for the UPS guy who delivers your packages and gives dog treats to your dog
love for the person who smiles at you every morning on your way to work/school

maybe this post is a little corny, but love comes in so many different forms and you can find it in a million different places

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i hope each and every one of you have an amazing valentine's day.
have any fun plans?  i'd love to hear;)

i'm heading to a hotel in miami until tuesday, so i may not have access to blogging until that evening.
i'll be back though:)

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check out this video.... everyone's feeling the love!!

have an amazing weekend!

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