Saturday, February 20, 2010

Offbeat and Lovely

i'm always on the hunt for quirky pieces to add to my closet.
i love hearing "oh, where did you find that" when people talk about something i'm wearing.
that's why i love vintage/handmade pieces.  in a world where everything can tend to look cookie-cutter, i love being a little offbeat.  

here are some handmade/vintage sellers i think are awesome- plus some of there stuff i'm loving right now!

HAITI - Michael Jackson (part II) Thriller-like 80s Hot Pink SweaterEVENING Dressy Dress w Pleated V neckHAITI - Fun Purple 80s Dress

Athena All Dressed-Up For School

I think Im in Love T-shirt White No transfer M-L Home Sweet Home T-shirt No transfer White M-LThe Lovers T-shirt No transfer White M
*These are just the t-shirts.  There are some gorgeous and amazing prints on this site too!

Yellow   Kiss Let's Ride carousel necklace

i'll be back later tonight :)


  1. Really cute finds! I might have to buy some of that jewelry! It's gorgeous. :-)

  2. thanks for sharing! (: and for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment! see u around, love xo

  3. haha cookie-cutter , i love that !
    cute necklaces !

    thanks for your kind comments <3


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