Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello February!

hi loves!
have you ever had one of those weekends that were so busy you needed a weekend from your weekend?
i did.
have you ever gotten home at night and been way to exhausted to open your own blog and type out a blog post?
i was.

so, sorry sorry sorry for the lack (or rather non-existent) posts this weekend.
i was lazy.  


welcome february!

i kinda really love you.

january was kinda blah.  
i mean, you were cool and all, but it went by super slow.
it was dark all the time.
and there were no holidays (and you guys no me, I LOVE HOLIDAYS)

this month is going to bring a ton of fun:

- semi formal on saturday (got my dress this past weekend!  woot woot!)
-  florida next weekend for president's day weekend
- valentine's day
- fun times with friends

plus, i'm getting one month closer to Paris in april :)

for the brand new month, here are some brand new things i'm in love with :)

anthropologie's february catalog

jcrew's gold topsiders

jackie's post over the weekend about "attitude"  (it changed my outlook)

these cute cards from papermichelle

Robins Egg - Gocco Greeting Card for New BabyXOXO - Handcut Greeting Card from PaperMichelle
Cute and Dangerous - Valentine Card from PaperMichelle

this vintage necklace from BrooklynGrace

Vintage Butterfly Locket

Beyonce at the Grammy's.  She rocked it.

and Pink made tears come in my eyes.

I have some work today before I got to bed early tonight...
I'm not feeling too great and want to stop sickness from coming to me!

and thanks everyone for the well wishes about my forehead! now only a bruise is left. it made 
my friends laugh though!

i'll do a special post about the charity fashion show I helped chair this week. we raised a ton of money!
it was so amazing :)

oh, and tomorrow (or wednesday) i'll be posting the february playlist!
i love all the songs i have picked out :)

okay, busy busy!
night xoxo


  1. Glad to hear you're doing OK, and yes, being sick is such an ugh feeling. February's gonna be so awesome! :)

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed my post on attitude! Thanks so much for your opinion on my living room. After reading your post, I think I'd rather just forget paint and spend the money on those gold topsiders! They're awesome!

  3. Glad your head is doing better! Paris in April? Lucky girl! I was born in Germany and my mom made a trip to Paris, but I was only 8 so I couldn't go, I wasn't happy lol. Such cute cards, I can't wait for Valentines day to come up too!

  4. sonja- yup, i'm going to paris for 9 days in april. can't wait! but that's so cool you were born in germany. i'd love to go there too!


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