Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Formspring Questions!

it's a busy busy night here in my house.
but it's good busy --  my major homework is to work on a big art project... so the music will be up and ill be crafting all night!

here are two of the formspring questions i've gotten in the last few days:

do you know of any free beginner yoga videos available on itunes?
normally i'm not huge on yoga videos.  you can't get the same meditative practice from a video as you can from a class in my opinion.  however, i completely understand that sometimes you just can't get to a studio and/or are one vacation and need something to use.  
here are a few free ones i love:

the yoga today series is awesome:  there's a ton of different sequences and videos to choose from depending on what you want.  the instructor is relaxing and the music is soft.

the yoga journal:  i love this one because it's a free weekly podcast.  that means every week you automatically get a new class.  it's a great chance to try something new each week when enhancing your yoga practice

Yoga Amazing Lifestyle also offers weekly, 25 minute podcasts.  Plus, they have other podcasts including documentaries and holistic health tips if you're interested in expanding your practice outside of the actual fitness part.

those are some awesome ones to start out with :)

what do you want to study in college?
i have no idea!  for awhile it was journalism or english, but i've recently fell in love with the culinary studies.  i'll probably end up studying business and maybe minor in nutrition... but right now i have absolutely no idea!

ask me in a year :)

keep them coming!  i love answering all your questions!
night xoxo

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