Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Paris, France

Halfway through my summer in London, my mom, sister, and grandma came to visit. I am so lucky that they were able to because I missed them terribly and if I learned anything during my summer abroad it's that I don't think I can move far away from my family.
The weekend that they came we all went to Paris.  I went to Paris my Junior year in high school and it remains my favorite city to this day.  There is something just so magical about the entire city.  I don't know what it is.
No one else had been to Paris, so they went two days before me since I had my internship and they explored some of the tourist sites.  When I came that Friday night, we spent the weekend shopping, eating, eating, eating, and well, eating. 

 ^^The view from our hotel room.
 ^^No trip to Paris is complete without Angelina's famous hot chocolate.
 ^^ A rose eclair 
 ^^ For some reason, the eiffel tower is my favorite landmark.  Big Ben is a close second.  
 ^^It has been my dream to go to the Lock Bridge.  I'm absolutely in love with it.  
^^Like I said, this trip was NOT about dieting.  


  1. I came across this completely by accident but I love it, already looking at booking my flights to Paris:)


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